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November 18, 2006

Trillium Bowl

Trillium Bowl, Top

Trillium Bowl, Bottom

This model came from a few different thoughts, one being Mélisande*‘s hints that my folds were becoming harder to figure out. Another was a comment of georigami‘s about tension and curves in paper.

I’m fond of this model because it has nice lines and is simple to make. It’s also a good introduction to curved folding. If it’s not evident from the crease pattern, the way you get the curves is to fold one edge to the middle and use it as a guide to pinch in a mountain fold. With practice, this will become increasingly easy and you can achieve a surprising amount of accuracy after a while. Even on a bumpy bus. The curves on the piece, both the downward swooping ones in the middle and the gentle ones on the sides, lend the model unexpected rigidity.

And it really remind me of the wildflower, trillium. Not just the curved pieces in the middle – the lobes of the bowl look not unlike its broad leaves.

I recommend a stout paper.

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