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December 17, 2006

Pysanka Egg

Pysanka Egg

Don’t mind the cat – Basil’s just been into the catnip and he’s a little stoned.

I decided it would be fun to color the gores of the curved surface waterbomb, to enhance the general eggyness of it.

“Easter egg” is a term programmers use to describe little secret treats they leave in their code, like a little video game hidden in a spreadsheet program. I reckon that by hiding a an origami crease pattern for an Easter egg in my blog during the Advent season, it’s sort of similar. When folders go googling for egg diagrams in late Lent, they’ll find this one, maybe.

So, some file to play with:

The crease pattern

The two-sided crease pattern with colorful fractal images on the back

The two-sided crease pattern with just lines on the back (you draw the pattern, yes?)

With the two-sided ones, you can print them back to back, depending on your printer and your level of comfort with your printer driver. The crease pattern part is oriented to fold up inside the egg. The flaps on top fold over and tuck into the curvature of the buttress thingee there — I left that in white, again, to call attention to the essential eggyness.

Yes, you can hide jellybeans inside. But not Jelly Belly® brand, for that kind is inextricably associated with the memory of that father of lies, Ronald Reagan.

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