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January 1, 2009

Whist Box

WIP: Whist Box

An idea I had, early one morning — a trompe-l’œil tato box, very impure.

Whist Box

A magician, perhaps, could work up some patter for collapsing the box, but it would be far beyond my talents.

Whist is an old game — I learnt when I was in school — all I remember is that the rules were strange, arbitrary and I was terrible at it. That, and you were dealt 13 cards at the beginning of the hand. Horatio Hornblower supported himself between the wars by playing whist — that was before I knew him.

Here’s a crease pattern — print it back-to-back and cut out along the edge of the cards. Ooh, concave edges and so impure! Relax, you can take a shower later.

Big shout out to David Bellot, who made the SVG cards used here.


Whist Box, Curved Whist Box, Curved

I think this is more engaging as a curved box. Here the crease pattern for that.

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